How to create comfort and cleanliness in the home. Comfort in the Home Interior: How to breathe in the house of the soul and create a feeling of comfort. Comfort indoors make yourself and music.

Every dreamer dreams of creating an atmosphere of comfort, comfort and love. In such a house is always fast relatives. With great joy, all family members and friends at the same time will come to visit.

In order to create comfort and convenience in the house, you must have knowledge of small techniques in the interior. With their help it is easy to make a beautiful oasis and good conditions from your home. Examples in the image below.


The home for each of us is a fortress, protecting us from adversity and threats from outside. All the efforts that we have invested in our home, in the long run pay off: strong home atmosphere charges, offers stability, harmony and tranquility.

Cozy’s example. light apartment Sunny day

Comfort in the apartment depends on the presence of pleasant and conditions. At the level of consciousness for the soul. This means that everything in the apartment should be pleasing and convincing to all tenants.

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How to create and maintain comfort in your home

The concept of “comfort” each interprets in its own way, representing the place of the fire, the person is a great dinner table Filled with relatives and loved ones, someone sitting on a chair under the floor with a thunderstorm.

 Cozy Room Installed

One of the main things that creates comfort are clothes that meet the overall stylization of the interior.

Clothing items that create comfort in the home:

  • Curtains and drapes.
  • Covered.
  • Cape-covered sofa.
  • Decorative pillows.
  • Carpet na rugs.
  • The seat covers.

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The right and evenly selected elements for comfort in the home will fill the house atmosphere with warmth. But you should not forget that creating comfort in the home with your own hands is much better than buying ready-made equipment.

 Cozy, bright room.

Things that add comfort to any room

Such items will immediately fill your love life with the love and ideas that you did for the decoration of your home. It could be:

  • Plaid knitted.
  • Decorated tablecloth.
  • Photo provided.
  • Decorative elements.
  • Flower arrangements.
  • Pillowcases juu ya myth.

Of course, harmony in the home will not be achieved if it is a mess. Maintenance will give your home a well-maintained and comfortable home. And in that house, of course, you always want to come back.

Create a home interior design

 Create laziness in your home

Create an attractive atmosphere In small rooms or very large rooms more complex. The main reason for this is the correct choice The color of the walls and furniture design, on which the comfort and convenience of the rooms depends.

With the help of a well-chosen color, you can visually enhance the space, based on any important details. Raise the ceiling. In a bright house, the comfort of building is very simple, as the color itself conveys a sense of purity, purity and is like a white web in the form of new design ideas.

It follows in any room to explore the main features of the decorated interior. It is easy to achieve if everything meets the Great style And complement each other.

Furniture should be comfortable and functional. Be sure to match the furniture items among them with the interior space. There is nothing to offer utyade Fear Like the presence of a fireplace. If the location allows you to make it real, and if not, it will also fit artificially.

Access to quality lighting Provide a good mood at any time of the year. Today, there are many types of lighting fixtures of all kinds that can, emphasize the design of the room and provide a comfortable atmosphere regardless of the destination of work.

It is important to understand that this feeling is direct for everyone. Therefore, we do not recommend exploring new trends. Create concrete at home with beauty in your preferences and yourself. After all, the feeling in the house of calm and harmony will allow you to relax and gain strength for new success.

 Well-placed furniture creates comfort in the apartment.

What do you focus on, visiting friends, acquaintances or even strangers to you? What helps to make the first, still conscious, feeling of every house you come to? That’s right – the sky is ruling in it. Any accommodation, and in fact any room, always evokes certain emotions and parties. Some homeowners visit aspiring, some cause the desire to leave this place more.

It is very important that your home is for you a good and happy place where you can relax, gain strength and good energy. Therefore, one should not trust anyone to create the appearance of your home or any personal space, because different people Understanding cozy can be different.

Cozy House

How to create comfort in the home?

There are two main points here:

  1. Choose a style , which is most likely for you, and try to get back from it, and create your own “Palace”. The elements chosen by Nefle, which do not mix with each other will create dissonance in the interior of your home. But dissonance and comfort – the concepts are completely inconsistent among themselves.
  2. Fantasize! You just need to sit down, close your eyes and present your future home in all the details. Ask yourself, ‘Are you surrounded by things that will only make you feel better? … Think of their color, quantity, shape, smell – all in all, in the smallest detail. At this point you will remember anything relevant, accidentally appearing in the store, or you will remember the original idea of ​​hands.

Start with color

Start from the main thing: choose the right color Your interior. As you know, each color puts our subconscious on a certain emotion, and can even contribute to recovery (and vice versa). For example, from the interior in a light green color with fes “mint” cool, which is very good for hot summer days ; The interior in the sunny yellow tones will elevate the cool and long-lasting atmosphere; White paint is often associated with medical institutions and the like, and is not always ideal for home.

 So let’s take a look at all the basic colors, the feeling they give us, and their use in the interior:

  1. Red – Adjustable and vibrant color. It increases activity, but also increases pressure, so you need to do it very carefully. You can use this color in the bedroom, in your closet private area Since she stimulates passion and excites the imagination, but do not enter! Particularly sensitive situations under the influence of red can easily lead to violence. Also do not use it in the nursery or in the bathroom.
  2. Orange. – a great color, which serves many purposes. It cracked, tones, soothes, detoxifies, stimulates appetite, and stimulates brain activity. Therefore, oranges can decorate any space, but in moderation, since one will be uncomfortable in the room completely “orange” – the color of work. It is very good for the nursery, since the shades of “sun” (yellow, orange) are suitable for the health and growth of the baby.
  3. Yellow – Emphasizes happiness and hope, Configures on light communication, helps eliminate depression and illness, improves memory. True Color. Happy people – After all, not for something that the color of the sun itself! It is perfect for buildings, where dull are the corridors, bathrooms, kitchens.
  4. Green – A good favorite agent for people with increased anxiety. . Focusing on shades of green will relieve tension, restore peace, create a sense of trust, confidence and will help you gain concentration. Also this is a sign of update, spring and freshness. It will be great for the bedroom or kitchen, as well as the office.
  5. Blue and blue. – Romantic, gentle, relaxing, a good holiday for tired eyes, and whole body. The perfect choice. For the bedroom or children. Surrounded. blue. Enjoy the whole body and mind. But that calm did not change with desire or disgust – it is necessary to get rid of the blue interior and red stains (pillows, fabrics, paintings). Dark blue. it is a treatment, as it reduces pressure, helps to sleep and even removes skin blemishes in the luggage, so it is worth keeping a bed partner This shade.
  6. White. – Creates a sense of cleanliness, purity and cost. But, as mentioned above, a lot of whiteness resembles the walls of a hospital, so in the interior Be sure to eliminate decorating with other colors. The room, made of white, looks bigger and bigger than it actually is, and is easier to breathe.
  7. Pink – Gives a sense of security and comfort, emphasizes and relaxes, completely removes oppression and tension. The perfect solution For the bedroom, or for the children’s room.
  8. Gray – Not very suitable for housing, as it inhibits and low performance. In. gray room Anyone, even a very strong person, sooner or later, will begin to experience depression. Therefore, gray is used only in combination with other bright and functional shades.
  9. Brown. – Elegant and “beloved.” Associated with large wooden furniture, family traditions and high public atmosphere. It creates a sense of trust, security, the saying, “My house is my fortress.” It is perfect for living rooms, libraries, cabinets, but with light shades that die off brown activity.
  10. Peach. – Beautiful main colors for your interior, which can be most successful with other shades. It creates a summer mood , Configus for the positive and helps save a good area. Spirit. It has a strong peach color. It is good for the bedroom, as it restores and helps to relax in the morning.

Most “good” considered warm shades (orange, sand, gold, peach, red-pink), which are associated with fire in focus and warmth.

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Go for the interior

Small plastic and gloss – more fabrics and wooden surfaces. . Fabric is a simple and realistic way Create comfort in the home. For example, soft fabric looks great on walls, rather than wallpaper, but it’s noticeable. Let the windows decorate instead of the blind office decorate heavy curtains with fringe or light graceful curtains. Find comfortable beds with beds, pales and carpets – then your interior will be “soft” and very dignified.

 For a real room needed only natural materials . The tree radiates warmth and a special scent, which will not match any synthetic aroma of buildings. Wooden furniture Looks good, reliable and very dignified. After all, it’s always nice to be the same in nature! Therefore, the next step in changing your home is flowering. .

A house without living plants looks empty and “dead.” It’s not free, after all, even in the office, it has palm and fake trees – man is still part of nature. Choose plants for your room type: sun, shade, dry air, rain, and so on. It is not necessary to arrange a winter Garden. “But in a pair of plants and colors in each room must be important.

To pay attention. Your home wall . Empty walls. Create a sense of unfinished, uncluttered renovation, and a great lack of comfort, which we strive for. Here is a great opportunity for your fantasies, for creativity, for ideas. Dare! Select one of the walls, (corridor, for example) and make a gallery from them family photos. But do not forget that the frames you need to choose one style – high-tech and gold-plated carving will be wonderful to look around.

Decorate each room suitable for style and color with paintings, panels and posters (poster here is not a statue, but many pictures without a frame). If you are an artist and love to create beautiful with your own hands, you can paint the walls as you like, thus connecting the individuality of your home.

Create a song from curly mirrors today – they can be found in online stores in unlimited quantities, for every taste and handbag. And if you like to change something all the time – you are vinyl stickers suitable for the interior. If you do not know what it is and have never tried it, then do not give up early on this idea. The choice of vinyl applications is huge today, and with them is that they are easily glued and easily removed without leaving a trace. You will be able to change or remove them as soon as they become bored. From those stickers you can create. interesting compositions. On the walls, furniture and mirrors – it will surprise and impress guests.

Among other things, do not forget that comfort is created by the interior, surrounded by which it is beautiful. Fill your home with small details like comfy chairs and ruffles on chairs and stools, VAZ with fruits and flowers, beautiful napkins on the table, models of angels and exciting lights and warm lights.

                To provide your home furniture, remember that comfort depends largely on the correct placement . Proper shape of the rooms with the help of furniture, is simple: a circular room should not be even more and narrow, in a large space should not say everything on the walls, creating dreary damage in the middle, and in a small room should not reconcile a large number of objects and trinkets. Don’t be too drunk, furnish and decorate the space so that it doesn’t look overturned and slipped – it’s unlikely that you’ll feel comfortable in a room where it’s afraid to stand up so you don’t break the next vase or statuette.

Where the character plays.

Create I. temperature In the house will help soft lighting . Avoid lights that give off blue and off-white. Get close to sconce and floor lamps and fabric lamps, because the light bulbs are more comfortable and relaxing.

Have you noticed that each house has its own scent? So let the smell of your home be the smell of delicious food, baking and cleanliness. Regularly ventilate your home and wipe the dust so that the sharp smell does not accumulate, which is very difficult to remove. Also for the “delicious” aroma and to create a good feeling it is important to have a scent with a set of essential oils, good for you. This is the best way to create a positive environment and liberation from stress and depression.


So that in your home, there is always good energy in your home, and all the negative that has been brought in from the world has not been delayed in a long time, you can “stay” there are good things.

  • Placing flowers and plants – for comfort in the home, health and wealth.
  • Soft toys with a beautiful and loving face – in peace and love.
  • Tiny fabrics made of tapestry fabric, and bright fabric, protect you from separation from the wife. An animal model – to protect against danger from bad goats, and flowers – will protect your health, and houses and landscapes – will provide good luck in those matters.
  • Statistics of various animals – protection against losing money, trouble and evil spirits. Sloniki. different sizes. Help – cleaning the atmosphere in the house. And statues of Bears and dogs will protect the inhabitants of your home.
  • White furniture covers – guest protection negative energy . Soft furniture Very strongly absorbs all the negative displays and emotions of the people sitting on it. It is believed that it covers the cover to protect the furniture from evil, and the white color reflects all the negative, received from the stranger who came up with the wrong ideas.

In addition, try to use other people’s old items, as they still keep the energy and problems of their former owners . Don’t keep old and worn-out clothes – you just collect dirty water.

In fact, in conclusion it must be stated that the welcoming, “bright” and the hosts of guests are at the center of any house. Do not forget yourself, avoid quarrels and conflicts in the family, do not provoke anger and hatred, forgive others and be kind. After all, where love lives – there will always be comfort!

Comfort in the apartment is very important for any family. However, creating a good atmosphere in your home is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. To do this, you need to pick up the interior of the interior And provide the right atmosphere and various chairs. In this article we will share ideas for creating home comfort in the apartment.

Create laziness in a small apartment.

Creating comfort in an apartment with a small metro station is very difficult. After all, you need to find a place to put a lot of things and furniture. It often happens that in one room you need to combine the reception area, work and leisure.

In the room it is possible to create a beautiful atmosphere by separating it from the area. It is important that these areas rotate as much as possible.

A major role in the interior of a one-room apartment is played by different flower combinations . More choice light shades. It allows you to visually increase the space in the apartment. In addition, in the room it is necessary to increase the consumption per square meter.

So a good decision. It will be the acquisition of a lot of furniture. He will be able to free up living space from unwanted objects And room space will save space.

Well, to make the furniture look beautiful and stylish, you can use a self-adhesive film.

Infant organization

The children’s room should certainly be spacious and light. And the right decision. With its organization there will be a rejection of strict and large furniture. Of course, it is better to use comfort. new furniture . But it is not necessary, because old items and furniture items can be adjusted to the style of the children’s room with their own hands.

The baby will help make the cozy smaller parts . For example, you can put a beautiful bed with a pattern on the floor or decorate the walls with illustrations from fairy tales of Magic . And of course, the color red should be chosen for its design.

Nice bedroom

In the bedroom we meet guests, and also go with the whole family together. Therefore, the basic condition for creating comfort in the bedroom is space.

All the essentials should be as integrated as possible and close. Do not remove carpets in the bedroom, as they will help create an interesting room in the room. And the extra comfort of your home will provide the carpet with a long pile.

Creating a relaxing and dignified atmosphere helps to make pillows and decorative ornaments on the sofa.

It is important to pay attention to small interior items: vases, paintings, tapestries, various crafts On the walls and decorations, which will also help to make a beautiful house.

The most appropriate element of the interior, allowing you to create an atmosphere and warmth in the house, is the decoration of the decorative place. . It can be purchased at the store, but you can do it yourself. The floor and high ceilings will also give the room a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

The color palette in the bedroom is desirable to withstand the red color. This will give the room the appearance of a larger space, and the interior of the room will make it easier.The best option. In this case, the use of beige and white colors is to use.

Create comfort in the hallway

As a rule, items are stored in a corridor that has no place to hide. However, this feature of the hallway is possible to hit correctly. To do this, you can put special hangers, wall shelves. And other accessories. First, they carry a heavy workload, and secondly, the decor is designed.

Another important factor in the organization of the hallway is the appropriate furniture selected. Often, the corridor in our rooms is narrow and long. Therefore, the most optimal solution – Set the header with several niches. To provide a hallway, the atmosphere of comfort and warmth in it can be hung shelves with different trinkets.

Space in the corridor is likely to increase with the increase of a specific color scheme. The best option would be a combination. dark flowers For light. Therefore, long walls. In the zone, it is best to plan in a loud voice. Well it looks mixed white color. And dark, and beige and brown.

Create a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom

Creating comfort and peace in the bedroom is very important. So it is worth buying furniture made from natural materials . To create a romantic and calm atmosphere, the bedroom is decorated with flowers. It should be remembered what to put in the room beautiful flowers without fragrance.

For the wardrobe it is worth to show a different area that will not touch the entertainment area. It is important that the lighting in the bedroom is scattered.

Very nice if the room will be covered by several sources. On the one hand, it will make it lighter, and on the other hand, it will add a delicate decor. And of course, create the laziness of placing a beautiful carpet on the floor.

Among the colors in the design of the bedroom should win bed . Suitable light blue, sky, red, beige and green.

Create a personal spot in the kitchen

The kitchen should not look clumsy. Therefore, a large number of household appliances should be avoided.

The use of minimal decorative features is the most honest way to create laziness in the kitchen.

Anga focus Homemade. The kitchen will offer decorative items: various degrees of fruit, boards and decorative paintings, refrigerator magnets, multicolored lace napkins. If there is not enough money, these things can be done independently.

For the design of the kitchen it is necessary to use bright and rich colors. For this it fits perfectly red, orange, yellow, green and purple.

Any room in the house needs the love and support of a caring owner. So, take care, create warmth and comfort: shave, decorate, do things with your own hands or buy ready-made. Remember that home is a manifestation of your soul, taste and attitude to loved ones.

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Come home and enter a state of comfort and warmth – the natural desire and right of anyone. It’s amazing when harmony and happiness reign in the apartment, and on the threshold there are loved and natural people. Sometimes with complete happiness they have no small things. It means that it is time to think about how to create comfort in the apartment, ask the interior of a particular style, add those details that will turn the house into a “perfect bowl”.


First of all, a good apartment is a clean apartment where there is no messy place. The message is only accepted in the artist’s workshop. Sometimes to create comfort in the apartment with your own hands, it is enough to do a general cleaning. This work is not everyone likes, but the results from the efforts spent to ensure themselves. You can often see real chaos in your own home. Do not be afraid and lower your arms. You need to act like this.

  • First of all, it is advisable to do an inspection and get rid of unwanted items. The star, which carries the cargo of the dead, not only carries precious square meters, but also creates a lot of inconvenience. Clothes and shoes that have not been worn for a long time, accessories , Sheets, boxes and so on are “killers” of comfort.
  • Cozy apartment surface . – It’s in the kitchen. If it does not shine hygiene, and in the refrigerator a new life occurred , you will have to shove sleeves and bring everything to beauty.
  • Well-decorated pipes, inserted mixers and mirrors without splashes – this is what it’s nice to see, bring out in the morning.
  • Cabinets and boys were closed to refuse items, depriving their owners of the opportunity to quickly find clean socks. Healthy, open the door or put in front of a box, explore beautiful bags of items and whips on hangers.
  • For most of their lives, people spend time in bed. Clean bed linen. soft pillows And a lung blanket is a worthy prize at the end of each day.
  • Hall, the floor of which is forced to wear shoes for different seasons, is not worth the eye. Each couple is best kept in a separate box and get according to the time of year.

After finishing once and for all with the assembly mess, cleaning will be much easier, because usually cleaning the rain does not take much time.


Cutting down and buying new furniture is not for everyone. Yes, not necessarily! If the condition of the walls, floors and plumbing is not critical, you can cheaply do cosmetic repairs . Today, the building materials market Enjoys buyers and the balance of products that will not be too difficult to choose a cheap wall And color to improve the room and furniture.

Color, texture, style are a matter of taste. It is important that the maintenance is well done, environmentally friendly, and the selected shades are integrated, and not the “purpose” among themselves. Of course, make a new apartment comfort It is much easier than restoring the interior in the past: no need to shoot old wallpapers and colors, moving furniture. But it’s nice to relax your favorite home, make him play with new colors! Recommendations:

  • for painting and walls in the bathroom and kitchen, water-based paint on an acrylic base is perfectly suited; It loses moisture well, is resistant to abrasion and looks advantageous even on an unsightly surface;
  • before it starts to stick to the paper, it is necessary to absorb the wall; This will reduce the use of glue and ensure a reliable grip of the material and the plane;
  • for painting. dial steel radiators Heating is best to use a good good. paint color – Has excellent anti-corrosion properties and costs a beloved pen.

When walls and ceilings shine brightly, it is time to move on to the next step in creating a beautiful indoor environment. In doing so, it includes fantasy and showcasing creative techniques.


Trufles is what it really is, and it has life. The good ones lift the mood, and all the rest are sad. In an effort to get around with the good stuff, we create comfort in the house with their own hands.

  • Home homes. There is nothing that lives in an apartment like a well-kept flower . No matter what kind of flowers or just a week, please please the eye and decorate the house, as well as clean the air in a room full of oxygen. If you have no experience in caring for flowers, you can always buy beautiful and non-complementary plants, contact advice from the seller.
  • Comfort in the living room is often associated with chubby sofas or deep chairs with soft plaid. Why not get a rocking chair and chair? Place around a small table. , a vase of fruit and a set of good books.
  • House of clothes and shoes. Let’s not only be comfortable and fun to the touch, but also new, beautiful. Instant space in the trash can.
  • Tableware for daily. Are you used to getting front plates before the arrival of guests? Down with this old relic! The habit of properly serving the table even ordinary pasta will make it tastier, and life is elegant.
  • Pictures, panels, pictures inside. Let your favorite people smile from the walls, inspiring beautiful landscapes. , causes a proud handmad.


Blood vessels will be cleansed in 5 days! The pressure will return to normal


Planning How to create comfort in the home, all these evils should pay the highest priority, because they will surround you every day of your life.

Fragrance Utza.

Sometimes, going to someone in the house, you smell bad. . It doesn’t matter if these are cigarettes, collecting food or the essence of an unobeded hamster. From the room you want to be removed as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: The house needs air every day!

Fresh air not only emits bad odors, but also improves well-being, reduces fatigue. And here are the available accessories Fragrance in the rooms:

  • saminoni is great for the kitchen – it smells amazing and very beautiful;
  • the bedroom will use crusts of orange or lemon, broken and set Sasha;
  • in the bedroom you can put a vase with coffee beans.

It is best not to use chemical air fresheners, especially if there are children indoors. And the most important aroma of beauty is the aroma of purity and the flavor of a delicious house. She is all begging him.

Small space?

Alas, not everyone was lucky enough to find a place to live. But B. one-room apartment You can feel good! In this case, it is very important to arrange the space in the space in the room.

The main rule states:

  • No extra! Give, sell or throw away everything you don’t always use! Off can be repair tools.
  • Lock on top WARDROBE RESIDENTS . Let him throw in a penny, but in its depth it will fit the whole wardrobe and even shoes.
  • The sleeping area should be loaded, turning into a compact sofa.

All of this will help you overcome a few unwanted (or important) square meters. . But visually add a room like this:

  • use strong tones for finishing;
  • take care that the ceiling is soft and white;
  • color Rama window. in white;
  • leave on the walls of the lower level of jewelry;
  • do not enter the interior with details;
  • do not focus on things that can be removed.

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The creators, figuring out how to create comfort in a small apartment, offer to use mirrors. Special caution. Cell copies are eligible. Samples created by Masters On. glass surface , make it the required subject. Interior decoration of residential housing.

Glass floor to ceiling wooden frame. “Under the old” or in the frame indoor plants It has the ability to completely transform even a small room, and provide depth. ATTENTION! The glass must be completely clean, splashes and divorces kill all the magic.

Than under the closest room should be removed. And to create laziness there is another reception.


He was set up so that even in a small room there was at least two spaces. Fragmentation over areas is not the construction of additional walls. Conditions often occur, but this method works well.

  • The most common reception is a decorative finish. Houses in different colors, using different invoices to determine the boundaries between the areas of one room. For example, in a typical bedroom there may be several work areas: work ( computer desk. , Office chair. ), Recreation area (sofa, bookcase ), game (soft rug with box and toes ).
  • Sometimes folding easy to put harmonica. With their help, it is possible to set boundaries more clearly, but such devices are still taking place.
  • Interesting solution Designer. – Shirma from the bus. Buying something like this is unlikely to succeed, but you can do it yourself or order from the master. An exclusive author’s item will be provided. Long caprochy pieces, made of transparent or colored (or different) beads, look luxurious.


No wonder they call their eyes home. Clean windows, new or new frames are only half the case. Curtains are of great value. They should be clean and perfectly clean as the “crumpled” fabric is not used for design purposes.

Curtains from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall visually expand the room. The effect is enhanced if a light tone is selected, combined with the usual color gamut. buildings.


Elegant chandelier in the bedroom, elegant floor lamp next to the sofa, a shade of beautiful lighting in the kitchen or original multifunctional lighting throughout the apartment – all of this can be a highlight in the interior of your home.

Comfort in the home is the fruit of care and work. The luxurious hours of luxury and the luxury of someone else are always attracted against the background of the beautiful simplicity of a well-preserved spot.

Everyone’s home is for a castle and a place of entertainment, where you feel a sense of comfort, care and security. It’s nice to return to a lovely warm house after a hard day and stay in a variety of intense situations in the community. At home we rest and relax not only physically, but also spiritually. Too often, women face a similar situation: the husband does not want to go home and comes with many other things, he lives with friends, then the work is too late. Many fall into fear and start swearing at their partner, which only adds to the problem. If you think about the psychology of men’s behavior, then you can see the banal and simple rule of their behavior: it delays where it is good. If they are late not at home, it means there is no place as it seems.

The atmosphere in the house builds a woman. It often depends on two factors:

  1. Relationships and where a person has decided to stay in the house: Someone in the owner’s house, a hero of his family, a beloved husband and general manager, or someone who ordered and refused. Someone who is valuable, or, conversely, is not.
  2. Comfort and warmth created by a woman in the house. Today we will discover a caution on the state of home comfort, which wise women build with skill. It’s about women as men remember with a special tremor and quickly withdraw from work to be home early.

There are 10 simple secrets that help to create comfort and convenience in the house and make it amazing.


It does not matter how clean the house was, but the extra things that everyone used to collect, close and completely destroy the decorative atmosphere. First, things that don’t benefit, but just lie “just in case,” you need to throw it away. Second, you need to clean everywhere, especially for furniture and interior hard to reach places. . If the house rises, there will be no comfort and there will be a desire to escape from them.

Sanitary energy

After cleaning the space, it must be consecrated with holy water, or put on incense, or fragrant with candles. Each attendant himself chooses the path closest to his heart. The purpose of the ritual is to purify the house at the energy level. Most effective way – This is a prayer to read or other things (mantras, etc.), depending on your beliefs.


In a good house, always light. It is recommended not to run windows and large curtains and not to close the light access indoors. If you have windows on the west side and the sun is visiting your home not often, come up with how to relax your space with artificial lighting, so that it is not dark. Dark rooms give rise to desire and depression, in them, as a rule, I do not want to do anything and develop laziness and bias.


As many know, those houses where Rugan music and loud music come in, create a sense of a very comfortable and prosperous dwelling. Conversely, the sound effect helps to adjust everyone in the house to a balanced wave. It can be casual or quiet music, and even better natural sound or fluta. While long indoors seem short music of balance, there is a balance of energy and the subtle story of happiness visits everyone who comes there. Most people are addicted to music and do not even understand that it not only affects the psyche of a person, but also knocks the balance in the room, because unlike sound problems completely destroy any harmony around themselves. This can be done, but it is rather rare, and it is best to stop the habit.


There are many. interesting ways Distribute good taste indoors. The main rule is to be normal. You can freeze odors and odors, choose a few drops of essential oil in a candle or use other aromatic methods. The effect of fragrance is a different art that can affect a person’s condition and even on his health.


Each house has a lot of different things except furniture, such as paintings, gifts, watches, other unplanned items . Sometimes we ourselves do not realize how these things begin to fade our long-term despair, often not fitting into the interior of the dwelling, which creates strife and negatively affects the condition of the occupants of the house. Remove OT. unwanted items , and some, say so that they can make you feel comfortable and not break the aesthetics at home. It turns out that the memorable items are so plentiful in a house that it seems that there is nothing to breathe there. It is important not to make it and follow your position.


Look, what color is around you. It is known that color affects a person’s mood. Most homes are dominated by neutral shades. You can brighten up your interior with bright juice colors. For example, the kitchen is better to hang pictures with corners of the mass or juicy yet life and stylish contrast. Fantasize and add color to your home. It could be new curtains, fitted wall or new upholstery On the sofa, everything you see is essential for evolution in your home.

baking stone

Most women are excellent owners and it is wonderful to prepare, but not everyone knows that it is a homemade baking that provides a home atmosphere of warmth and comfort. From such shelters do not want to leave. From ancient times the unlocked secret How pie, bread, pie or other bread products can affect the energy of a house, but everyone sees this fact. In the house, which smells like a baked pie, can not be bothered. This is the secret of all the wise owners, this is the magic of turning flour into bread, which is a symbol of everything that God sent us, and the woman has been given the gift of being a member of this great sacrament. Personal pies carry an unknown riddle and even those who do not like to bake, can not resist. In that house, it is always nice to stay.


It is the abundance that helps to feel happy and relaxed in the home of a beautiful bride. When the house is rich, it gives a sense of holiday and happiness to the soul. To create such an atmosphere, it is necessary to place large fruits and sweet vase on the table, decorate the house fresh colors In beautiful vases. It is not necessary that the flowers are expensive, you can use and not expensive bouquets, but it is important to be clean and pleased with their own appearance. You can make more vase to plant indoors, which is also very nice.


A rich house is a house of hospitality. To share in love and help others is the best plan for every family. You can start a box or basket where you can make money for charity, and once a week give it to those who need it. It is also important for every guest house, even the most unacceptable or temporary, for example, a waiter, neighbor, etc., to offer sweets or other treats. A home that regularly shares with others becomes alive and well.


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