November 24, 2022
The Best Lakes in the US That Are the Most Beautiful

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Travel to the USA  A lake is a basin filled with water that is not linked to any other larger water body to either feed it or drain it. It is surrounded on all sides by land. Although it is. Like any other water body. A part of the Earth’s water cycle process. They are larger than ponds but smaller than rivers. 

There are several lakes in the US. Both natural as well as man-made. Scattered across the country. But some of them really stand out as the most beautiful. 

Here are some of the best lakes in us.  

Flathead Lake

Nestled between the Mission Mountains to the east and the Salish Mountains to the west in the Flathead Valley. Flathead is the largest natural saltwater lake in the US state of Montana and one of the largest lakes in the world. It extends over an area of near 490 square km. The land surrounding the lake is complete with a national wildlife park and 6 state parks. 

. As the name suggests. You will see lots of wild horses in herds. running. Playing. Jumping. And eating! The Wild Horse Island spans an area of 21 acres! 

Lake George is one of the lakes in the united states. In the state of New York. Has been dubbed the “Queen of. It was once a playground for robbers in the Gilded Age. That is in the latter half of the 19th century. It is the largest lake in the Adirondacks. Spanning about 117 square km. It is known for its clear waters. It has dotted over it more than 170 islands! 

If you visit here. You will have some great views of the mountain and the lakeside; there are also dozens of opportunities for shopping! Beside the lake is a resort dating to the 1880s. Called The Sagamore Resort which still operates to this day! 

Lake Eklutna 

Located outside Anchorage in the US state of Alaska. Biking. Or the most popular way. Kayaking. It is located inside Chugach State Park. Which spans an area of 495000 acres of rugged Alaskan terrain. 

The only boats permitted are unpowered and electronic trolling motors. There is no boat launch ramp. Though. There is a dam here that has the capacity to convert water to electrical energy by hydroelectricity. 

lake Winnipesaukee is Settled at the foot of the White Mountains and is the largest lake in New Hampshire. Lake Winnipesaukee covers a distance of 32 km. Its maximum depth is 180 feet. There are numerous beaches here. Where water activities such as kayaking. Swimming. And boating become quite popular during summer days. 

You can make a beeline for the Ellacoya State Park for a long. Sandy swimming area. x And be one with nature. 

Lake Martin 

Located in the US state of Louisiana. Lake Martin is in fact a swampland spanning some 9500 acres of land in the Cypress Island Preserve. This swamp is home to such elegant creatures as alligators and several types of bird species. 

When you visit here. Be sure to stay at Mistletoe Bough Bed & Breakfast. An 1895 Victorian mansion that was restored as a homestay. It is placed at about a 10-minute walk from Lake Martin. 

 Lake Geneva is a headwater lake fed by natural springs from its surroundings. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the south of the United States. 

There are some enchanting spots for shopping and meals along the lakefront. You can also enjoy some water sports; in the winter. The entire area is transformed drastically into a winter wonderland! 

Crater Lake

is Known to have the reputation to be one of the cleanest freshwater lakes in the US. Crater Lake in the US state of Oregon is also America’s deepest lake at 1943 feet. It was created by the collapse of the volcanic Mount Mazama 7700 years ago when it blew up its top and now. all that is left is its crater Hence  The name.

Nearby is the Crater National Park which is home to a large variety of animals. Such as black bears and yellow-bellied marmots. 

Oh. how fascinating! Such enchanting history. such lovely views for photography! No wonder there are so many people just waiting for an opportunity to visit some of the best lakes in the us. 

When you travel to the USA with Indian Eagle make sure you visit these places – they are definitely views to die for! 


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