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May 21, 2022

What Will a Tinnitus Doctor Near Me Do to Help?

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Tinnitus Doctor Near Me

The ringing in your ears seems to be getting worse. Since it’s no longer possible to ignore it, the time has come to see a medical professional. You may be asking yourself what a tinnitus doctor near me can do to help. There’s quite a bit that can be done, ranging from determining the origin of the ringing to coming up with the right treatment. Here is what you can expect the doctor to do. 

Conduct a Physical Examination

One of the first steps the doctor will take is conducting a physical examination that focuses on you ears, neck, sinuses, and head in general. The goal is to identify any signs of anomalies that may determine why your ears are ringing. This non-invasive exam helps the doctor determine what needs to be done next. 

Typically, this process will not take long. See this as a quick way to eliminate some of the more common factors that contribute to the development of tinnitus. By doing so, the doctor is able to concentrate on the remaining possible causes and eventually narrow things down to the reason for your hearing problem. 

Administer a Hearing Test

The next step will be to administer a hearing test in a controlled environment. This often involves the use of a sound-proof booth that effectively blocks out all other sounds. Expect to be fitted with headphones that will be used to transmit sounds at different frequencies to each ear individually and then to both at the same time. 

The goal is to determine how much the ringing interferes with the ability to detect sounds at various frequencies. During the test, you will raise a hand each time you hear the sound. The results are recorded, then analyzed to gauge the current acuity of your hearing overall, and the degree of interference caused by the ringing. 

Arrange for an MRI

Based on what the doctor learns from the previous tests, it may be time to consider the idea of utilizing magnetic resonance imaging to look for anything that may be pressing against the eighth cranial nerve or some part of the ear. For example, growth due to inflammation may be present. There’s also the potential for a tumor to be pressing against these areas. 

Since these conditions can negatively impact the flow of blood through the vessels in and around the ear, a tumor or other growth may be the underlying cause of the ringing in your ears. If so, removing the tumor or using medication to ease the inflammation may be the first step in eliminating the pressure and easing the tinnitus. 

Discuss Treatment Options With You

With all of the information collected, the doctor can discuss the findings with you and identify all viable forms of treatment. In some cases, lifestyle changes may be in order. It may be possible to use medications to reduce the severity of the ringing. At other times, an invasive procedure may be needed to remove a tumor or some other type of growth. You may find that successfully treating or even reducing the level of ringing will involve more than one type of treatment. 

Rest assured that when you went looking for a tinnitus doctor near me, the decision was a good one. There’s no need to live with tinnitus, especially when the underlying cause turns out to be highly treatable. If you’re dealing with this type of hearing issue, seek help today. Resolving or at least reducing the symptoms could be easier than you realize.